【A152】粒子光效烟雾老电影噪点划痕炫光LUTs调色音效特效视频素材包 Demo FX Movie Pro Cinematic Effects

粒子光效烟雾老电影噪点划痕炫光LUTs调色音效特效视频素材包 Demo FX Movie Pro Cinematic Effects

【资源介绍】FX Movie Pro演示包是为电影摄制者提供的高质量光学捕获效果,适用于专业人士和初学者。 包装包括:色彩校正,LUTs,污垢膜,灰尘过渡,炫光,颗粒,镜片效果,音效,颗粒,烟雾等视频素材。分辨率为 1920*1080.  还提供了一套文字标题的AE模板,需要AE CC 2018或更高版本使用。提供了视频教程或者PDF图文使用教程。FX Movie Pro Demo Pack is a high quality optically captured effects for filmmakers, it is suitable for both professionals and beginners. Package includes: Color Correction, Dirt Film, Dust Transition, Film Mattes, Grain, Lens Effects, Particles, Smoke.Lens-01.jpgLens-03.jpgLens-04.jpgLens-02.jpg

02. Package of dust particles

Thin, slow-moving particles. Some of the best effects are the ones the viewer doesn’t notice, but something will be missing if they’re not there. The effects in this package are subtle and slow. You can use them to give texture to your frames or an organic feel to your title sequences. Particles-00.jpgParticles-01.jpgParticles-02.jpg

03. Color Correction Pack

Here is a pack of 175 unique 3D Loots made by a team of professionals for an easy color sorting process. These presets are based on the most famous cinematic looks and. Designed to maintain maximum skin tone. Color-Pack-01.jpgColor-Pack-02.jpgColor-06.jpgColor-Pack-04.jpg

04. Grain Pack – The effect is available in the full version of the project

Film Grain v2 is an entirely new set of premium quality 35mm, 16mm and 8mm film grain plates. They were scanned at 4K resolution and then down-sampled to 1080p for an even more accurate grain structure and beautiful texture. Grain-01.jpgGrain-02.jpgGrain-03.jpg

05. Film Matting Want to have a film appearance without the cost of buying a film camera, film stock, processing and scanning? This set has everything you need to get realistic and accurate movie aesthetics 8mm, 2.39, 1.33 and others.


06. Smoke Pack

We carefully recorded fog, haze, light smoke and atmospheric elements in various configurations and patterns. Smoke-01.jpgSmoke-02.jpg

07. Dust Transition

10 best transition templates for video editors. The effect of the torn film. Dust-transition-01.jpgDust-transition-02.jpg

08. Dirt Film Pack

Get your video dirty with dust and scratches. From moderate to heavy damage.


+ Sound Effects pack We curated the pack down to only the best and most useful sound effects. Is a library of rhythmic underscore elements you can use to drive your projects forward.




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